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Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans

Hospital Indemnity Plans (HIP) are designed to complement your primary insurance plan and cover expenses that Medicare doesn't pay for when you go to the hospital. HIP's are set in place to directly pay CASH to you, to help cover hospital co-pays and deductibles.


Home Health Care Insurance Plans

People don't typically go to nursing facilities because they want to, but they go because they have to. Home Health Care Insurance Plans are designed to give you the ability to afford care at HOME, rather than a facility


Recovery Care Insurance Plans

Recovery Care, sometimes referred to as Short Term Care, accounts for plans that assist people with the recovery process. With age, it is not uncommon for people to experience an illness or accident which requires assistance as they recover. Without the proper help, this can become a burden on you, your family, and your finances. Making sure you have access to the help you need for recovery and the money to pay the costs of this process is the goal of Recovery Care Insurance Plans.


Universal Life Insurance Plans

Universal Life Insurance (UL) is used along with Accelerated Death Benefit Riders (ADBR) to help pay for Long Term Care (LTC) and is guaranteed out to a certain age (with NO premium changes). If the ADBR is not used, then that money all goes toward the death benefits and is tax-free. More importantly, UL's provide long-term care protection IF needed.


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