Colby Lehman

The sad fact is our healthcare system is not only expensive, but it's confusing! I take pride in being a man that gets to not only help you understand every option you have, but also gets to build a lasting and genuine relationship with you. I'm Colby Lehman and I truly cannot wait to meet you!

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Licensed Insurance Agent

Proudly serving Missouri, Colorado, Texas & Iowa


See what others are saying:

"Colby knows his stuff and did his best to find me the best plan to meet my healthcare needs while saving me a lot of money. Additionally, he is personable, likable, and enthusiastic." - Karen, Customer Since 2016

"Along with being knowledgeable, Colby is compassionate and caring. My husband and I couldn't ask for more. Dealing with Medicare and the various insurance supplements is a daunting task. Although I am well educated, I had no idea how to approach the myriads of insurance choices. Colby is a natural teacher, and he was able to explain our options in an understandable manner. If we hadn't had his help, we would have overpaid and gotten less coverage. When we've called, the support staff at SBS had been kind and competent. They are never bothered by a question and always find an answer." - Susan, Customer Since 2016

“My rep, Colby Lehman, never fails to follow-up on any questions that I have asked him. Provides complete details in a clear and concise manner. Anything presented to me so far in our association has proven to be very straightforward and, so far, always accurate. Also appreciate the options that are offered. Greatly appreciated in this day and age.” - Customer Since 2013