Jan Thies

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Proudly serving Medicare Beneficiaries in Missouri


About Jan Thies:

The definition of Insurance is a means of guaranteeing protection & safety. With the fast-changing world, rules, regulations, products & our needs, there is always much to do to insure we all have the protection and safety for all we cherish, love & have worked hard for. My training and the many company's I work with, allow me valuable expertise to assist you, & your family and friends with your insurance needs. I appreciate the opportunity that you have entrusted in me to work hard for you.

Our consultations are FREE, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about your benefits or coverage. To see if you are getting all the benefits and savings that are available to you, please complete the following form. In 5 minutes over the phone or via email, we can compare your rates and benefits!

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See what others are saying:

"Jan has always been a great help in choosing an insurance plan that's right for me. She comes to my house every year to go over any changes and always looks out for my best interests. If I have any questions Jan or someone in the SBS office is always available to help me. I appreciate them very much." - Norma, Customer Since 2011

"Jan has the ability to communicate the complicated morass of government and private insurance plans in a direct and simple way. Navigating through these decisions is difficult and frightening when you try to do it by yourself. Jan appeared at exactly the right moment to help our family. Jan is energetic, capable, caring and trustworthy." - Pamela, Customer Since 2016

“I have been very satisfied with everything Jan has done in helping me select the right insurance that fits my needs. She is right there when I have a question and even came to my house and helped me speak to the company after my major surgery. I truly trust her judgment and help.” - Mary, Customer Since 2011