Josh Rasnic


Josh Rasnic

Licensed Agent

Proudly serving Medicare Beneficiaries in Missouri


Josh Rasnic

Medicare can be quite confusing to navigate, but with the right person it can be easy. I hope to educate and advise you on the right path, while also building an honest relationship with you. I am Josh Rasnic and I cannot wait to help you out.

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"It is so nice to be able to call your office and get an answer back the same day whether it is an email or a phone call. Everyone is very helpful and pleasant on the phone when I call with a question. Keep up the good work! " - Sandy, Customer Since 2016

"The most important thing to me is you and the staff at SBS are always there and looking out for my best interest and you make getting the proper insurance coverage effortless by knowing the facts and knowing your customer." - Norma, Customer Since 2011

"SBS offers a great back up layer of customer service. I highly recommend SBS to anyone. I was quite frankly surprised at how quickly they processed my first claim." - Cynthia, Customer Since 2017