…with Recovery Care!


There are many options when it comes to where you recover after time in the hospital, and Recovery Care Coverage can help ensure that happens!

What is Recovery Care?

  • Assistance needed to recover from an accident, illness, or surgery
  • Rehabilitation from a Hospital Stay
  • Terminal Medical Condition

Different Recovery Options:

  • Skilled nursing facility for sub-acute rehabilitation.
  • Go home and receive in-home assisted care and therapy.
  • Go home with no home care, but receive therapy as an out-patient in a private practice or hospital.

Consider These Facts:

70%Of seniors (Over 65) need some form of recovery care during their lifetime.*
69 DaysIs the average length of service required for Home Health Care.**
270 DaysIs the average stay in a nursing home before discharge.***
79%/74%Of men/women stay in a nursing home LESS than 1 year.****

*, **, ***, ****

Protection from Financial Burden:

Only 9%Of skilled nursing home care, on average, is covered by Medicare.
91%Of nursing home care, on average, is covered by the patient. (YOU!)

Medicare reimburses hospitals on a pre-determined, fixed amount. This provides incentives for hospitals to serve patients more efficiently - which reduces length of stay in hospital and increases need for Home Health Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities*

*Heath Care Financial Review

It Can Cost:

$5,940 for a semi-private room in a nursing home (per month).*$6,570 for a private room in a nursing home (per month).*
$3,131 for care in an assisted living facility (1 bedroom unit, per month).*$5,040 for home health aide; $4,110 for homemaker services (per month). *
$2,010 for care in an adult day health care center (per month).** **Monthly calculation based on average daily rate times 30 days.

How Will You Pay?

  • Private Pay – you (or family members) pay for all costs out-of-pocket
  • Medicare Supplement – pays only what’s approved by Medicare
  • Private Insurance – policies for this are affordable and can be tailored to fit YOUR budget, even on fixed income

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