This is such a critical time of decision-making for your future, and we're here to help guide you through this transition to make it as seamless as possible.

  1. What do you want out of retirement?
    • Make a list of goals and aspirations
      • Places you want to travel
      • People you want to see
      • Things you want to do
    • Define a Schedule (or don't!)
      • Are you going to continue working?
      • Do you plan to pick up a hobby?
      • WHEN are you going to accomplish your goals listed above?
  2. What is going to fund your retirement?
    • Evaluate all current assets
      • Bank account, savings, investments, retirement funds, etc.
      • Continued Income
        • Collecting Social Security and /or Company Pension
        • Part-time job
      • Selling things you don't need, buying a smaller home, etc.
    • Budget
      • Make a list of all expenses
      • Do you have a safety net for emergencies?
      • How much money will it take to cover your above aspirations / hobbies?
      • Are there areas that you can cut back on or things you can save money on?
  3. Make sure all of your ducks are in a row
    • Sign Up for Medicare
    • Planning for Final Expenses
    • Maintain / Evaluate your health
      • Schedule checkups and preventative exams
      • Take a look at your diet, exercise regime, sleep patterns
      • Stay sharp! Continue reading, learn a new recipe, do puzzles, go through old photographs, play with your grand kids, meet someone new, join an organization